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Choosing the right school for your child is the most important contribution you will make to his or her education.

Holy Trinity School is special place; a vibrant, caring community with students from Pre K to Grade 8, whose skills and talents are developed by utilizing the latest in technology and newest academic techniques.

An outstanding academic program enables the students to thrive and prepares them thoroughly for success in high school and beyond. We believe in maintaining a strong arts program with music, dance, art and drama creating a well-rounded school experience for students of every age. Our school is set apart by our focus on character and values – respect, integrity, leadership and confidence. Holy Trinity believes in developing students who are strong academically with a strong moral compass.

Look through our website and you will get an idea of what we offer in education, but they are no substitute for a visit. If you would like to understand more about us, please take the next step and contact us to arrange a tour of the school, or attend an Open House. Walk round the School and you will be struck by the happy and friendly atmosphere. Talk to the students and faculty; feel the energy, purpose and the determination to do well. We are confident you will be impressed with what Holy Trinity has to offer. We are a school that provides Academic Excellence with Character.

I look forward to meeting you.



Francie Moss

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