Holy Trinity Hawks

Welcome to Holy Trinity School

Be it known to all who enter here

That Christ is the reason for this school

That unseen but ever present Teacher in its classes

The model of its faculty and the inspiration of its students

To our parents:

Parents can expect the best for their children at Holy Trinity School. Our teachers combine their talents and energy to create an educational program of recognized quality.

Our goal is to lead each child to the fullness of human development and intellectual potential. We do this not only through formal instruction, but also by knowing every child individually. Care is taken to encourage self-esteem while providing a strong academic foundation for each student.

Parents are recognized as the primary educators of their children. As a staff, we realize the importance of teaching values by example. In providing a Christian atmosphere at home, parents reinforce our efforts at school. Educators and parents at Holy Trinity are engaged in a cooperative venture.

To our students:

The staff at Holy Trinity School looks forward to another exciting and challenging school year. We encourage you to do your best at all times, and to get involved in school activities.

Together we will have a great year!

Mrs. Francie Wright, Principal
Father Brian Hayes, Pastor

509 Ballard Street
El Cajon CA 92019
(619) 444-7529
(619) 444-3721 FAX